If you’re looking for a fun way to entertain your team with a memorable corporate function or team building in Sydney, look no further. Concord Bowling Club is just a 15-minute drive from the city, yet our leafy Bowlo is surrounded by parkland and feels a world away, offering everything you need for a great day out with your team.  

Take inspiration from below why Concord Bowlo is the perfect place for a memorable team function. Start planning your next big event. 

Why Concord Bowling Club offers the best corporate Function Space in Sydney

1. Your Team will connect over barefoot bowls

If you want to see genuine team bonding at your next corporate function, barefoot bowls is the ultimate team building activity. Even those who have never set foot on a green or aren’t excited by the game will be into it in no time, especially when their competitive streak sets in.  

It’s simple to get involved, and barefoot bowls is perfect for the young, and young at heart with no prior bowling experience needed. One of our team will guide you through a simple demonstration, before taking your group through the rules. Then everyone divides into teams, and you get four hours to play. You’ll soon see the competition begin and the green echoes with the sounds of laughter!  Named as one of the 10 best places for lawn bowls in Sydney by Concrete Playground, Concord Bowlo is among the Sydney’s finest!    

2. You can mix work with play

Before everyone hits the greens, spend the morning in our Auditorium or Garden Room. We’ve recently revamped our audio-visual equipment and it is state of the art! Connect with team members across the country, in either a formal presentation or local groups love to create engaging slideshows of the year that was on the sporting field! You can even hook up to interstate and international colleagues. But let’s face it, in person gatherings have been missed and still is a nicer way than connecting over zoom. 

The Auditorium can seat up to 120 people which gives you the flexibility to create your own bespoke event. With bowls following the morning’s formalities – the day is productive as well as fun.  

3. Catering

Please discuss your catering needs with one of our team.

4. Our drinks selection supports local!

We love to support our mates, the local small craft brewers and wineries who we pour and tell their stories. We have an exciting drinks selection which is constantly evolving. Yes, you can grab your favourite Tooheys NEW, VBGreat Northern, Peroni, Asahi, but we also stock local Akasha Brewing Freshwater Pale Ale and Bowlo Beer too. With Happy Hour cocktails offered each week, our team is skilled at mixing up the likes of Aperol Spritz, Espresso Martinis and Cosmopolitans.  There are even non-alcohol options such as Giesen 0% and Great Northern Zero Beer for the adults too.  

Our team is experienced in tailoring events to each group’s needs, so we will ensure the right balance and quantity of drinks is set for a successful corporate function.   

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